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Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Brother of Al and Buddy


My mother was Detty
My father was Gus
His joke was:
I’d rather drive a bus
You know him well

You think him swell

I know the wife
he couldn’t 
You act as if
she didn’t 

You use his name
consider him great

But without my mother
he couldn’t create:

No birds, no bees
no mountain, no sea
and, of course,
no me!
His bus joke began
as he took to gloomin’
after they created
the so-called human

Detty said to Gus
They need to be
more like us
At me she pointed
I felt disjointed

(Caught from some wrong I did?)
Then she said
Let’s send them
this kid
I did like pranks
I was always a joker

They played games
Their favorite was poker

I'd serve them snacks
while they gambled
and talked

But one night 
I changed their chocolate
into chalk

They got really mad
and started to squalk

I thought a gangplank
they'd make me walk

But all they did was
send me to my room

They made me sweep the floor
with a one-bristle broom

Yet I did get laughs
from my two brothers

As far as equals
there were no others

Al played war games
in the sand

Buddy preferred 
to walk the land

Until he hurt his knees
then he sat cross-legged
under the trees

Eating nothing but cheese
and counting the fleas

When Al stopped laughing
about parents eating chalk

He said Little Brother:
We have to talk
But no gangplank
will you walk

It's worse than that–
you'll learn what its worth–
Cuz Mom and Dad are
sending you to Earth!

The humans will credit you
with miracles–for sure–

When, in truth, you're just 
doing a family chore

But ours is a family
that unfurled 
what others call
the world

The wisdom of humans
is a matter of dearth

You'll be the result
of a–LOL–virgin birth 

Then our father's voice boomed
And I stood up with fear 

Jessie, get your loincloth.
You are outta here!

Returning 33 years later,
with nail holes still fresh

My family was grateful
I still had my flesh 

What did I learn?
They asked with a smile
Was all of our creation

The stars and the mountains
are well worth the labor

Dogs, cats,goats...
have such natural behavior

All the birds 
sing so sweet

I thought that 
was pretty neat

Almost all the species
deserve a thumbs up

But somebody please–
pass the wine cup

One question from me
(after some heavy drinking)
When you created "humans"
what were you thinking?  

 is the copyrighted property of LCSoL.

Detty is an alternate spelling of Deity.

Gus is a substitute for another
three-letter word beginning with G.

Detty's proper name earned her
the title of  Original Godmother. 

Buddy's favorite cheese was Gouda.
That is why you know him as B____. 

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