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Sunday, February 7, 2016

For Serious Baseball Fans Only: Pardon My Angst


I have a life-long addiction 
to Major League Baseball
and spring training
is only eleven days 
from today.

Since the 2015 World Series ended,
I have visited the  website
a gazillion times
in search of news about
my all-time favorite team:
The Los Angeles Angels.

For the 2016 season,
the Angels have a left fielder
who is hardly more talented than
me or you or your next-door neighbor.

There was a treasure-trove of talent
available through free agency or trades.

But the Los Angeles Angels–
playing in a stadium where most fans
are more interested in "selfies"
than in paying attention to the game–
did diddly-squat about their most
glaring deficiency.

However, they did make news today
and I am nothing but embarrassed by it.

Angels Coloring Book Will Help You Relax

If I were six instead of sixty-six,
I would reach for a crayon.

If I knew how to body-surf
inside of a beer cup,
I would say
What a Concept!

I do not root for a baseball team
to make me relax.

I root for them because
I want them to win a championship!

"There is always a contingency plan,"
said the boy  who grew up
in the shadows of Shea Stadium,
"Let's go, Mets!"

I hope that  Yoenis Cespedes
plays well enough to give
Fidel Castro a heart attack.

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