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Thursday, January 5, 2017

His Sister + A Bedspring Bombshell, His Father + A Future Bride


Inga Arvad
was a journalist, a photographer,
and a former Miss Denmark who worked for 
the Washington Times Herald.

In 1941,
Kathleen Kennedy,
a colleague at the newspaper
a Lieutenant in the Office of Naval Intelligence.

That man also happened to be
Kathleen's brother.
Instantly, Kathleen's brother
and  Kathleen's colleague
were smitten with each other.

and the internationally renowned Arvad
–four years older than John–
taught her young lover
One thousand and one
secrets of the boudoir.

John's omni-powerful father
was personally delighted
by the sexual conquests
of his son.

John's match-making sister
was equally delighted
by the sexual conquests
of her brother.

had a problem, however.

He was grooming his son
to become the first Catholic President
of the United States.

Joe Kennedy had more power
than the Pope but slightly less power
that Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Joe Kennedy had significantly
more money than FDR
but slightly less money
than the Pope.

It has been said that Joe Kennedy
enriched his wealth by more than
$200 million during Prohibition
and the Depression. 

The problem was a revelation
about a date Inga Arvad had in 1936.

Three years before becoming
a popular columnist in
the United States,
She accompanied the man
in this photograph
to the 1936 Olympics.

In the resume of his lifetime,
John Kennedy would share lovers
with countless world-leaders.

But in 1942, if a US Naval Officer
listed making love to a Hitler mistress
on his resume, there would be
a Zero guarantee of ever
becoming President
of the United States.

Joe Kennedy used his influence
to get the Intelligence Officer
transferred to a desk job
in Charleston, South Carolina.

But John genuinely loved Inga
and surreptitiously continued to see her,
while the FBI kept her
under surveillance.

Justifiably suspecting Ms. Arvad
of being a Nazi spy,
federal agents photographed
her every hour of the day–
in various states of undress
(with and w/out John Kennedy
by her side.)

John ultimately heeded his father's
advice and bid Inga farewell.

The position of Columnist at
the Washington Times Herald
was taken over by Kathleen Kennedy.

John Kennedy was distraught
by the loss of a woman he sincerely
considered marrying but
Father Knows Best:

Flash forward one decade.

What had once been 
Inga Arvad's photography job
at the Times Herald
was given to this woman,
Jacqueline Bouvier.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
may not have been smitten
by Jackie, nor vice versa
but the last eleven years
of his life, they were
husband and wife.

In 2016,  
a film about the week
of November 22, 1963
– entitled JACKIE
is under serious consideration
for Academy Awards.

In 2017, 
I am hoping that someone
in Hollywood is smart enough
to make a film about the entire life
of the former Miss Denmark.


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