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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

This Is Not...This Is (TIN/TI #28)


Quite obviously  
Paul Oliverio

Quite obviously*
Paul Oliverio
The Subject of the 2nd image
is not worth further discussion.

The Subject of the 1st image

He is a 20th century
French artist who–
fifty years ago–
was as popular in Paris
as Andy Warhol was
in the United States.

Here are some samples
of Mr. Klein's art:

Both images are from  here.

More Yves Klein images from
the Restany book can be
found  there. 

But a closer look
at the book cover
reveals another name:

As for the asterisk above
(Quite Obviously*)

The woman
who photographed me
on  July 4, 2016
is the same woman
who designed 
the Klein book jacket
in  1982.

But the book cover image
at the very top of this page
is a "reworked version 
of the jacket designed by"
C. Robson.

Here is her original jacket design"




  1. Top image is corruption of my jacket design,
    not done by me.

    Probably for new edition.

    1. By shading your original jacket design–
      and Blue-ifying it, the "new" image
      lessens the black and white intensity.

      Corruption is a relatively
      nice way of describing it.

      I would call it
      dumbing it down.

      However, it works for the purpose
      of this very vain and egotistical page.

  2. The flatinization and "drab blue-ification"
    of the revised jacket is an irritant.
    And P E O is more like the vibrant jacket.
    But I K-ky jacket is like a flag to da bull.