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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Winner Of Impeachment Sweepstakes ... Will Be The Impeached


You can almost taste it:

The mind-boggling disaster
that is the Trump Presidency
makes Impeachment
a sure thing.

Any day now...
Las Vegas will be 
placing odds on
when it will begin.

The good money is that
President Trump will be
given at least 100 days
in office before 
the I-word
a reality.

This means the odds are much higher for the Impeachment
to begin before President Trump's hundredth day in office.

But it's about time.

Today, March 25, 2017
is Day #64

Let us assume the odds
of Impeachment proceedings
commencing a week from 
this Monday, are 100:1

Upon learning of the odds
of defanging his power
after only 72 days,
Donald Trump will just reach
into his small change pouch
for $1 million and then he will
call a grunt.

We can define the grunt as someone
peripheral to the President, known to
no one outside the Trump circle
as having any connections to the Donald.

This grunt will then bet
the cool million on Day #72

And all Donald has to do is...
demand his Impeachers commence
their proceedings on Day #72 

Thus, he will be most assuredly impeached.

Donald Trump will be forced to step down 
as President of the United States.

But it would that make him a Loser?

Absolutely NOT!

Not when he would win one hundred million dollars
on an investment of one cool million. 

What would he give the Grunt?
Probably a free burial

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