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Thursday, February 4, 2016

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     yadda yadda...Big Pharma  
to sell drug  
 called Expensia  
 yadda yadda....which has  
 yadda yadda...of empty feeling  
in pockets  



Nanker Phulge writes:
Big Pharma wants nothing more than to help us!
The medicine it gives us  helps alleviate existing pain 

and is even more helpful in creating new pain.

Bolda Darsh  writes:
Too much yadda yadda
and not enough happy happy.

Nessy Talga writes:
Whenever my mother had more
than five ingredients in a dinner dish,
she called it yadda yadda.

Sigmun the F writes:
Nessy, do you come here often?

N. Talga writes:
Sigmund, if you have enough money,
I’ll give you whatever answer you want.

S. the F writes:
Let me count my nickels and dimes
and then get back to you.


Anonymous writes:
My name is Michael and
I am an alcoholic.

Anonymoose writes:
Michael, do you come here often?


Do Woppy writes:
Pharmer John,
I’m in love with your daughter.

Wop Woppy writes:
Before the Premiers,
the composers Don & Dewey
were in love with the Pharmer’s daughter.

LowRents Oliveo writes:
Mr. and Mr. Woppy, please no more
youTube links or we will have to pay
royalties to Mr. Don and Mr. Dewey.

You have just read  the First Chapter
of the  CarPeos ©First Novel©
To Be Continued


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