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Monday, June 5, 2017

A 1967 Poem From Our Lost Hero ... Sterling Francis


We were at the Night Owl Cafe 
in Greenwich Village.

It was Saturday Poetry Night
and we were still in high school.
It was May 2, 1967 and numerous
hirsute non-entities,
commonly known as hippies, 
spouted jibberish
from the stage but we waited patiently
for the guest poet from Boston:
Sterling Francis.
He was revered by those of us 
who needed to revere someone
in the absence of Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry, 
the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Etceteras...
However, this was the last poem
any of us heard Sterling Francis
read in public:  

We'll do what we want
when we want
and we won't
get caught

Shoplifting is easier
on the wallet
than things that
must be bought

Let them try but
Never will they
take us alive

Clamped to
an office
from nine
to five

Let them try
to come and get us

They might as well
zip-lock lettuce.

Sterling Francis was the son
of a Dow Chemical scientist.

What "we" Night Owls had witnessed in 1967
was the first usage of the phrase zip-lock 
but Sterling coigned words and phrases
as often as some people sneeze.

the younger Francis was hired
by the company
as a "phraseologist."

Sterling Francis never wrote
another poem but
he sure made a whole lot of money
and financed the infamous
Long Beach Underground
Poetry Center.  

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