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Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Father, The Son, And The Donald


Friedrich Drumpf built his restaurants on land that he did not own. In that time of the Gold Rush in the Klondike, it was the Wild West period. It was wide open, very raw, lots of single men desperately trying to find gold–and prostitutes. 

His restaurants had liquor, food + access to women. His restaurants had little cubicles off to the sides with heavy curtains–so called private rooms for ladies–which was absolutely understood to mean prostitutes. His establishment was not the exception there, but he certainly did well by that.

And after that he went back to Germany and claimed that he was quiet man who avoided bars in his petition to repatriate.

[The petition was denied by German authorities who sent Friedrich Drumpf back to his adopted homeland.]

His son Fred, who made his money in real estate in the outer boroughs of New York City, was very good at finding loopholes.

When Fred was building state-financed housing he set up shell equipment companies and then rented bulldozers and trucks from himself at very high and inflated prices. 

It was not illegal, but he was pushing the edge and bending the rules. He was very good at that.
Donald in turn has been very good at finding loopholes and bending rules when he built Trump Towers for example. 

He hired undocumented Polish workers to do the demolition of the building that had been there before, paid them very low wages and had them sleep on the building site, because they were on such a rushed schedule. 

Later on he said he had not noticed that they were undocumented which he could not have missed. He is very good at that.

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